Why oh why, Apple?

The Mac App store made it’s appearance today. I must admit that it looks interesting, but not sure about it’s usefulness. I would try it, but alas, it’s only currently available for the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Did I somehow miss the location where I can get it for the Mac OS X Leopard? I choose not to update my three year old MacBook to the Snow when it came out.


Speaking of operating systems… the OS X Lion has my interest. I’ve been thinking about getting an additional Mac, and I might as well wait until the new operating system is out. Though the question still remains as to whether I want the MacBook Pro or an iMac. A desktop would be nice since I already have a lab top, though I’ve gotten so used to working on a lab top. The one design class that I’m in for this winter quarter is in the Mac Lab, where I get to work on a 27-inch iMac. And I love ’em!


Now on the subject of design, I found a cool quote today that I’d like to share: 
“Being creative makes you a weird little beast, because everything seems so interesting for some strange reason.”

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