Two Blondes at a Biker Rally in Montana

Sometimes I wonder why I always have something to say about Spokane and it’s public transportation, and how it reminds me of something else. Well, yesterday, the bus ride to school led to me thinking about this entertaining story about how my sister and I inadvertently went to a biker rally in the middle of nowhere Montana.


How exactly does someone inadvertently attend a biker rally in Montana, you might ask? No, it was not a matter of being lost, more of a crazy random happenstance!


It was early/mid June, three years ago. My sister and I were on a road trip from Tacoma, WA to Scandia, Alberta to attend the funeral of our uncle Jim. The road trip in and of itself was an interesting adventure with spur of the moment planning, but that’s a story to be told another day. What led us to the middle of nowhere Montana (besides being a part of our route) is the Testicle Festival. We were there to get a shirt, not to actually take part in the festivities (which where in August anyhow). It amazes me that people actually find Blue Mountain oysters to be a good idea. Me, on the other hand, will never eat them.


On our way through to Alberta, the place was actually closed. Oops. But no fear, it was easy enough to stop by again on our way back! Lucky us, it was another event that led to it being open on our second attempt. That event being a biker rally, of all things. Drove in not knowing what was going on, until we were stopped on our way in (by a big, bald biker dude) to ask what had brought us there that day.


After we got in, we ventured forth into the Testy Festy gift shop attached to the biker bar. It was pretty much what one might expect it to be: a lot of leather clad bikers, bikini clad babes, loud rock music playing, people barbecuing, beer… yeah, I probably would’ve stayed for a while longer if I had rode in on a motorcycle. I see a West Coast Chopper in my future… Besides, it was late afternoon and we still had to figure out where we were staying for the night.


So yes, that’s another thread that proves life is one big adventure, albeit a lot of times unexpected. Embrace the experience!

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