Tech, Meet Fashion

Okay, first with the article: “Why wearable tech needs fashion to survive and to thrive.”


I know I’m included as part of the group who will not embrace wearable technology if it interferes greatly with how I look and dress already. Which is probably why I’m not liking Google Glass, not only for looking awkward but also the social effects of us disengaging from our surroundings.


Even though I am a geek and look the part, I still have a strong fashion sense. Also, a love for mens “upper-cut” fashion to top it off. Three piece suit and a fedora? Yes, please! Still, you shouldn’t have to give up good fashion for keeping up with the ever growing potential of technology.


I think nanotechnology is effing awesome to begin with, but for use in fabric and in the fashion world? Uhm, bring it on! There are of course any different number of possible solutions, but lets get something rolling that’ll work well enough to be successful.

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