Loch Ness Area (Scotland / Part 5)

Loch Ness Monster

Steeped in mystery, there’s rumor of a monster lurking in the Loch Ness area of the Scottish Highlands. This cryptid is often name the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie. In 1933, the Inverness Courier is often attributed as bringing a great deal of attention in the modern eye to the this enormous creature.   One … Read moreLoch Ness Area (Scotland / Part 5)

The Edinburgh Castle (Scotland / Part 4)

scotland lion mini

Sitting upon Castle Rock and dominating the skyline, the Edinburgh Castle is an ancient and historic fortress. Dating back to at least the 12th century, this royal castle has gone from a residential role to military barracks to now housing a war memorial and museum. It’s also home to the country’s crown jewels (the Honours … Read moreThe Edinburgh Castle (Scotland / Part 4)

San Francisco (California / Part 1)

golden gate bridge

Being the base for the gold rush in the 1840’s, this fine city quickly became an important commercial, naval, and financial hub in the American West. Later on, San Francisco became popular in the 1960’s for the hippie movement. Now the city and surrounding area is synonymous with Silicon Valley.     One of the … Read moreSan Francisco (California / Part 1)

The Glasgow Necropolis (Scotland / Part 1)

necropolis patina

No need for the reminder of 2020 being, well, a year. Like many, even if you’re a homebody, it’s creating a grand opportunity for some wanderlust. As such, it seems an appropriate time for sharing some photography from previous travels. A perfect opportunity to reminisce to try help ease the wondering soul.   This post … Read moreThe Glasgow Necropolis (Scotland / Part 1)