summer haiku

school’s out for summer,
and this post is three weeks late.
time to rest my brain.

what am I to do?
a sister’s graduation –
one planned road trip done.

another road trip
planned for mid-July, but where?
Alberta farmland.

why, of all places
for family reunion.
meh. random haiku.

other summer plans?
I never have an answer
for such a question.

oh, how I love thee
chainmaille in all your glory.
your rings allure me.

busy you’ll keep me,
weaving your rings in patterns.
there goes my summer!

yes, I know, I’m weird,
but I’m just a geek at heart.
time to end this thing.

If you’re interested in seeing the chainmaille I’ve been making and is currently available for sale, you can visit my chainmaille website.

dragonscale chainmaille

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