iPhone5 Frenzy

Yep, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the middle of a wide desert, you’ve likely heard the iPhone5 is now out and proud. Well, in the sea of opinions about it, here’s my rant about the subject.


I saw an ad this past Sunday morning while watching an NFL game. This ad was highlighting the new ear buds that come with the iPhone5. Selling point being that they aren’t round, but rather ear-shaped. What? Okay, admittedly they are a much improved design; especially considering I could never wear the older design for more than a minute without my ears complaining in the same fashion as with the rampant ear infections I had as a kid. These earbuds are new and they want to flaunt them, I get it, but a selling point for a new phone?


Apple has made some much needed improvements and upgrades with the iPhone5 that shows they are still in the smart phone game. Unimpressed with their timing, though. Even though they did allot in the beginning with advancing smart phones and touchscreen capabilities, I can’t help but think they got too comfortable being at the top and are loosing their edge. Great kudos to other companies coming along and taking their share of the market, showing what capitalism and competition can do.


I finally entered the smart phone owner population this past June with a Samsung Galaxy Android (4G and all), and I can honestly say I’m happy with my decision to be a Droid rather than an iPhone. Sorry Apple, I love your computers (and your iPod Touch) and prefer using them over Windows-based systems, but that love does not extend to the iPhone. May the hipsters of this world keep your phone alive! 😉

On that note, they sold 5 million units in the opening weekend. *adjusts glasses* I love you Apple fanboys and fangirls.


Now this would be an awesome iPhone I’d seriously consider buying.

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