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Finally, a Release Date For OS X Lion

Edit: July 22, 2011
Hurrah, OS X Lion is here! Considering that it was released on July 20th, I know this post is 2 days late. Sure, I’d like to scope it out, but apparently still having OS X Leopard has temporarily left me in the Stone Ages. But it’s going to come out on a USB thumb drive in August. For double the App Store price! Yeah! <– (Okay, that was a bit of sarcasm.)


I’m not too worried though, I’ve been meaning to buy a MacBook Pro for too many months now. It’s about time, and it’ll come pre-installed with OS X Lion! Do you think it’ll be updated to 10.7.1 or 10.7.2 by then?


Original post: June 6, 2011
Apple has finally announced the specific month (July) when they will be releasing their new operating system, OS X Lion. *happiness*


The one down side to this news? It’s only available through the Mac App Store, at a full 4GB. *le sigh* How sly of Apple to this, eh? Two reasons I don’t like that: 1) 4GB uses up a lot of my monthly data transfer limit for my not so incredibly fast internet, and 2) it puts those of us that didn’t upgrade to OS X Snow Leopard at a disadvantage.


My version of a loophole? I’ve had my eye on a new MacBook Pro for a while now, so I guess I’ll wait until July when the OS X Lion will (hopefully) come pre-installed.

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