Evolutionary Skills

So ends the second week of this quarter. Not too shabby.


Been honing in on my drawing skills this week. Largely due to a project due for class. The drawing skill is slowly getting better. The project was to create a manner of drawing in the style of a favorite artist. Found a really cool and whimsical piece of two blue dragons with a coffee pot and cup. Kind of like a cheerful morning cup of coffee, so I decided to draw a counterpoint to that and draw a dark evening coffee idea. Shown below, it’s the piece called “Vices” with the smoke dragon. Thinking about illustrating a computer graphic using the same elements.


Same with the “Evolution of Light” drawing. The idea for this one is the evolution of light sources from flame to bulb. Turned out pretty good considering it took only a max of 10 minutes to draw. Wanting to make it a computer graphic. Someday soon.




Evolution of Light

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