Gendered Fashion – Influences of Modern Wear

Zine Print Design

There’s been something of long-time interest to me. The subject of clothing and fashion (as well as other items) being marketed based on gender. Why? People are more than their gender and fashion is typically about more than just function.   For a class I took at Eastern Washington University, I decided to write about … Read moreGendered Fashion – Influences of Modern Wear

Tech, Meet Fashion

Okay, first with the article: “Why wearable tech needs fashion to survive and to thrive.”   I know I’m included as part of the group who will not embrace wearable technology if it interferes greatly with how I look and dress already. Which is probably why I’m not liking Google Glass, not only for … Read moreTech, Meet Fashion

Dapper Immortal Comic Strip

vampire spy

I’m creating a new comic strip named Dapper Immortal. The main character being a stick figure vampire with an odd sense of humor of which he is not ashamed. He often encounters odd people. There is no set schedule yet of when I’ll be posting new strips, but you can visit DI at his own … Read moreDapper Immortal Comic Strip

Status Update 1.0 – Typography

harald sigurdsson

Classes have been back in session since late September. Taking three classes this quarter and the one highlight is the typography class (partially because I’m a type nerd).   Latest assignment is to typographically represent a person or object, though it was hard choosing because my choice had to be non-fictional. My choice? Take a … Read moreStatus Update 1.0 – Typography

Two Blondes at a Biker Rally in Montana

Sometimes I wonder why I always have something to say about Spokane and it’s public transportation, and how it reminds me of something else. Well, yesterday, the bus ride to school led to me thinking about this entertaining story about how my sister and I inadvertently went to a biker rally in the middle of … Read moreTwo Blondes at a Biker Rally in Montana