San Francisco (California / Part 1)

golden gate bridge

Being the base for the gold rush in the 1840’s, this fine city quickly became an important commercial, naval, and financial hub in the American West. Later on, San Francisco became popular in the 1960’s for the hippie movement. Now the city and surrounding area is synonymous with Silicon Valley.     One of the … Read moreSan Francisco (California / Part 1)

The Kelpies (Scotland Series / Part 2)

the kelpies

There is a mythical creature named the Kelpie. According to Scotish folklore, it is a shape-shifting spirit which haunt rivers and streams. Though a Celtic legend, it also has renditions in other cultures. While normally taking the form of a powerful black horse, they can transform into non-equine forms by taking the outward appearance of … Read moreThe Kelpies (Scotland Series / Part 2)

The Glasgow Necropolis (Scotland Series / Part 1)

necropolis patina

No need for the reminder of 2020 being, well, a year. Like many, even if you’re a homebody, it’s creating a grand opportunity for some wanderlust. As such, it seems an appropriate time for sharing some photography from previous travels. A perfect opportunity to reminisce to try help ease the wondering soul.   This post … Read moreThe Glasgow Necropolis (Scotland Series / Part 1)

Gendered Fashion – Influences of Modern Wear

Zine Print Design

There’s been something of long-time interest to me. The subject of clothing and fashion (as well as other items) being marketed based on gender. Why? People are more than their gender and fashion is typically about more than just function.   For a class I took at Eastern Washington University, I decided to write about … Read moreGendered Fashion – Influences of Modern Wear

Tech, Meet Fashion

Okay, first with the article: “Why wearable tech needs fashion to survive and to thrive.”   I know I’m included as part of the group who will not embrace wearable technology if it interferes greatly with how I look and dress already. Which is probably why I’m not liking Google Glass, not only for … Read moreTech, Meet Fashion